Cold weather gardening

It is hard to wrap my mind around going outside right now though there are dozens of chores to be accomplished. For example, I haven't cleaned out the Bermuda grass from the back of the vegetable bed and I should get out and turn the compost.

But, it's still too wet and chilly to do much. Hopefully, today's strong wind will dry things out enough so we can be out in the sun by the end of the week.

So, instead I made bird feeding suet. Here is how I did it: Melt a pound of lard and some bacon grease over very low heat.

Chop and run through the food processor beef fat that the butcher gives out at no cost.

Combine the two, using a whisk. Then, start adding other foods birds need and want in the winter - raisins, nuts, sunflower seeds, corn, cornmeal, popcorn.

When it cools, make balls and refrigerate or freeze. Or, put into a saran lined pan and chill, cut and freeze until needed. Put the chunk of suet into a mesh bag and hang the bag from a tree branch pretty close to the tree.

Enjoy watching the birds at feeding time.


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