Sunny Dry Flowerbed

A new flower bed we put in this fall is in an area that is difficult to water so we planted spring blooming bulbs and several perennials that can survive a week without water.

In a book I am reviewing for next week's garden column ("The Perennial Gardener's Design Primer") the authors recommend a planting plan for an area just like my new bed - sunny and dry. They list 17 plants of varying heights and times of interest. The plant lists suggests the number of each to buy, ranging from 3 Veronica to 17 Helianthus.

So I started researching the recommended perennials to see if they will grow here in zone 7 and I found an on-line pre-season sale at

On sale for sunny, dry garden spots: Pennisetum, 3-inch pots for $5.00 each; Sedum for $5.00 each; Salvia nemorosa for $3.00 each; and Veronica for $3.50 each. These are basically half their usual price.

I have never ordered from American Meadows. If you have, would you let me know if their plants hold up to the descriptions?


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