Garden website sales

To keep up with recent offers from garden supply companies I subscribe to their email newsletters.

Highlights from the ones in my mailbox in the past 36 hours -

Gardeners Supply has a Secret Santa sale this week. Their specialties include bird feeders and gifts for gardeners. One of their links has gifts listed by price.

Johnny's Selected Seeds is having a December sale that ends at midnight today. Stocking stuffers, tools, organic seeds - whatever your gardening soul desires. Free shipping on orders over $30.00. Even gift certificates are on 15% off sale - $50.00 value certificate costs $42.50. Use Code #07-1015 at

Logee's, the famous tropical plant provider is having a pre-2007 catalog sale. A few items interested me so I sent them an email for more information. They responded overnight - very good service for any company. Look at the photos of their products for some contrast to our gray weather today.

"All of our plants are considered container plants that can be grown indoors always, and, depending on where you live, outdoors also. Here in CT, we move everything outside in late spring and back inside in early fall." Their website is

Happy browsing.


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