Christmas tree care and recycling

If you bought one of the 34 million Christmas trees that were sold this year here are a few tips for a fresh tree:
- keep fresh trees in the house for a maximum of 10 days
- a fresh tree can consume a quart of water a day
-never burn a Christmas tree in your fireplace
-recycled trees can be placed in ponds for fish shelter ( In fact, several trees can be put into one pond with great benefit so if you have a pond, get your neighbors' trees too.)
-recycle cut trees into mulch by cutting off the boughs and laying them over flower gardens
- use the tree in the yard as a wildlife habitat or hang feeders and use it as a bird feeding station

And in the holiday spirit, The Christmas Spirit Foundation, sponsored by the National Christmas Tree Association, coordinates the donation of 3,500 freshly cut trees to military installations in the US and abroad. The same organization has given a Christmas tree to the first family every year since 1966.


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