Witch Hazel and Fringeflower Blooming February

Native Witch Hazel, Hamamelis virgiana - February
In our back garden the native Witch Hazel Shrub, Hamamelis virgiana, grows next to Chinese Fringe flower, Loropetalum chinese.

This has been an especially mild winter so we can be outside for several hours a day now, admiring the daffodils, cleaning out the oak leaves and prepping the vegetable beds.

The Witch Hazel shrub came from
Pine Ridge Gardens native plant nursery in Arkansas.

It was only a one-gallon size shrub so it took a few years for it to mature enough to bloom.

This year it was completely covered with flowers! Here's a Fine Gardening article link to all things Witch Hazel. MOBOT praises its ability to cover a hillside and thrive in clay soils.
Chinese Fringeflower, Loropetalum chines - February

The Chinese Fringe flower shrub came in a 6-inch pot probably also three years ago. It isn't as tall as the Witch Hazel yet but is equally rewarding in terms of its urge to produce beautiful flowers in late winter.

This is one of the Proven Winners varieties from Spring Meadows Nursery. This one is called Jazz Hands Variegated. The leaves are variegated when they are young and mature to a rich, solid green as they mature.

At this time of year there are few leaves so the pink flowers are really a standout.

Both of these shrubs need some protection from our blazing summer heat so they are great companions that do not take over or grow too large for a home garden.


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