Beefsteak Begonia - Propagate Stem Cuttings

Beefsteak Begonia
It's time to cut the long above ground root/rhizome off the Beefsteak Begonia and use the pieces to make more plants for friends.

This is such a gorgeous plant. The leaves look like lily pads and the flowers are a soft pink.

Begonia cutting with leaf
After pruning the long, fuzzy above-ground root/rhizome from the plant above, I cut it into sections and put each section into a self-watering container with sterile potting soil.

Begonia cutting with new growth

Each section of root that I plant has a leaf attached and the cutting is tucked just below the soil level.

As you can see, one of them already has a new dark-red-green leaf and a tiny pink flower bud.

Beefsteak Begonias like to be on the dry side even when you are propagating the roots to make new plants.

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