Ready for Spring

Full-spectrum florescent bulbs keep
seedlings and cuttings going
In addition to planting seeds in the ground that need a cold period and planting more seeds in milk carton greenhouses outside, the garden shed remains heated with lights glowing to keep seedlings coming up, tender perennials hanging on and cuttings setting roots.

Four-tiered light table
keeps many many trays of
seedlings growing.
All of the coleus I grew from seed last winter in the shed were dug up and planted in pots. In the shed they are pinched back regularly and all the decent sized prunings are rooted to make more plants.

I start seeds of hollyhock, salvia, cool weather vegetables such as kale and lettuce as well as others in the shed to have them ready for planting outside on or around April 15th.

Hollyhocks are biennial and usually do not bloom the year they are seeded. I've found that growing them from seed in the shed, they do bloom their first year in the ground.

The bakers rack sits under a skylight so when it's cloudy outside the plants receive only filtered light. The plants on it include begonias, succulents and others that prefer not to be under the electric lights.

Under the workbench, in the light of south and east facing windows, the papyrus and pineapple plants spend the winter. Soon they will be pruned, fertilized and re-potted into fresh soil in anticipation of their move back out to the patio.


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