Amaryllis Gift from Longfield Gardens

Longfield Gardens
Amaryllis Gift Box
Forcing bulbs inside over the winter is part of a long-standing hobby that brings beauty into the house when we really need it! Spring is struggling to arrive but isn't here yet and we want to mess around with plants.

A lovely gift box arrived this week from Longfield Gardens.

In addition to the planter, soil, bulb and topper in the box, there was something I had never seen before - a warming blanket for
the bulb to prevent it from freezing during transit.

It's pre-heated by the shipper and discarded by the recipient.

Planting instructions are included though I confess I read them after I planted my bulb.

If you are interested in sending one of these, you have a choice of Amaryllis colors. Click on this link to see photos of them all.

I'll post photos as it grows since watching the progress is half the thrill of planting one of these beauties.

Here it is in full flower


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