Squash is Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita argyrosperma

After several years of saying no squash we planted again, using the seeds saved from a few varieties.

The black skin acorns have been wonderful, producing as much as we can eat plus several bags for the freezer.

Acron, curcurbita pepo
At one time, the term winter squash implied acorn, banana buttercup, hubbard and turban but now it includes practically any hard-shell squash or pumpkin that is eaten at the table. Ours is of unknown heritage since we saved the seeds from a fruit we baked last year. The All America Selection, AAS Winner is Cream of the Crop.

The cushaw and pumpkin soup varieties, Cucurbita argyrosperma,  are slowly making viable fruits. They are the real reason we got back into the squash growing habit.
Cushaw, Curcurbita argyrosperma

While many varieties of winter squash are available for purchase, cushaws are not sold here commercially.

We love pumped soup, breads, cookies and casserole that can be made all winter long from the preserved meat of the cushaw. Still check them daily for growth. Still hopeful.

The last photo is of one variety that we haven't identified yet. I think it's from seeds we brought back from Germany last fall.

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Unknown squash or pumpkin


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