New - latest fruit tree additions

All seven of the new fruit trees made it through their first summer in the ground. They came from a variety of sources, both local and mail order as I researched and searched for varieties that would survive our weather, fungal diseases due to the high humidity here, high temperatures, sometimes-droughts, and every insect known to warm, humid zone 7 gardens everywhere.
These photos are taken from the east -southeast of our 2.5 acres. In the first photo on the left is the raised bed usually full of garlic but pressed into service for winter squash and pumpkin vines.

The second photo is from the east. On the left is the same garlic-squash bed but you can also see the garden shed and the two new apple trees over there. The dream-fantasy-illusion is to have an allee of fruit trees that provides spring flowers for the pollinators, summertime shade for gardeners' rest and maybe some bits of fruit when they mature.

This year we planted a second Pawpaw (not shown), Red Currant bush (not visible), Minnie Royal Cherry, Royal Lee Cherry, 2 Stanley Prune Plums, Gala, Fuji and Arkansas Black Apples.

The larger fruit trees in the background by the vegetable garden are the 7 year old plum and the 5 year old pear trees.

Chestnut trees
Then there are the two remaining chestnut trees from an original planting of five. These have made it six years so far though have had a tough time of it. They are not at the farthest part of the eastern edge of the property (there are blackberry bushes and a wood pile behind them) but they are on a little slope. The dream when they were planted was for an early morning coffee spot.

Dreaming of benches in a shady fruit-tree allee or under the spreading chestnut trees....... Maybe next year?


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