Hibiscus Cherry Cheesecake Mallow is Summerific

Proven Winners has definitely release a real winner with their Cherry Cheesecake Hibiscus or Mallow. Here's the PW link for all the information.

It's deer resistant, matures at 5-feet tall, hardy in zones 4 through 9, and tolerates most soil conditions.
I tucked it into a place where I could keep an eye on it and noticed that it was getting a fair amount of leaf damage from a chewing insect but since we don't spray it had to take care of itself.

The next time I was watering and weeding, I discovered its first bloom - look at the size of it with my hand held in front! What a winner!

Hibiscus Cherry Cheesecake Mallow Summerific
in our garden
Cherry Cheesecake flower with my hand


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