The Plant Lovers Guide to Sedums - new book by Brent Hovarth

Brent Hovarth, plant breeder extraordinaire has a new book coming out next month on one of my favorite garden staples, Sedums.

I love sedums and while I have books about cacti and succulents, a book devoted to sedum will be a wonderful addition to garden libraries everywhere.

Brent Hovarth
His publisher, Timber Press says about him, "Brent Horvath is a second-generation nurseryman and owner of Intrinsic Perennial Gardens, a wholesale nursery in Hebron, Illinois. He is a major supplier of sedums and green-roof plants in the Midwestern United States. He also actively breeds and introduces new sedums into the trade and currently has twelve plant patents including four sedums with two more sedum patents pending." 

Who knew?

Timber Press will release the book in a few weeks so I haven't seen it yet. Here's their publicity blurb though - The Plant Lover's Guide to Sedums includes everything you need to know about these beautiful gems. Plant profiles highlight 150 of the best varieties to grow, with information on zones, plant size, soil and light needs, origin, and how they are used in the landscape. Additional information includes designing with sedums, growing and propagating them, where to buy them, and where to see them in public gardens.

Book cover "Sedums"

Hovarth's company,  Intrinsic Perennial Gardens, Inc. IL was started by his dad who came to the US in 1959 - he was originally from Hungary (my kind of people for sure) and went into the plant business after learning many other professions. Click over to their website to read his all-American story.

Their plant introductions are what we need in our weather: Plants that can take cold winters and hot, humid, summers.   The site has a list of dozens of their introductions. 

The book can be pre-ordered at Timber Press and at booksellers.


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