02 March 2014

Plants for a Cause

Heavenly Bamboo
We are growing over 200 plants to sell at a March 29th plant sale during Muskogee's Daffodil Day. The event is a joint project of Muskogee Garden Club and Three Rivers Museum/Thomas Foreman Historic Home and it will run from 10 to 3 that Saturday.

Castor Bean
The Muskogee Garden Club's net proceeds from the plant sale and tea will help fund the horticulture scholarships the club offers to students who want to work in the field.

For the modest price of  $10, the tour begins at Three Rivers Museum, includes a tour there and a trolley ride to the
 Thomas-Foreman Historic Home for all the festivities.

For $5 attendees can go straight to the Thomas-Foreman Home. They will get a home tour, enjoy the 1500 daffodils we planted, snack on home made goodies and shop the plant sale.

Most of the plants we are offering are from our garden - either divisions or re-potted volunteer plants.

We are also sharing our seeds, most of which were harvested from our garden last summer and fall. Our Castor Beans, Mexican Hat, Poppies, and a few others are in that category. In addition, we purchased some seeds that arrived in quantities too large for our use. Packs of seed will sell for $1 each.

The one selection we purchased is 100 perennial phlox roots which are in pots, under lights, in our garden shed. They started to sprout the day after they hit the potting soil and some already have roots emerging from the bottom drainage holes! Talk about healthy.

There are 10 perennial Phlox varieties - the selection includes some that are shorter/taller/pink/red/white.

We divided a few varieties of our favorite succulents, including flapjacks.

Oxallis Iron Cross
Also we divided our Oxallis and there will be 2 types at the sale.

Rosemary cuttings from our plant in the herb garden were rooted and planted and are looking healthy after several months in a heated, lighted building.

A friend shared his Hollyhock Double Pink seeds from his AZ garden and they germinated like crazy. So, the Hollyhock plants available at the sale should bloom this summer.

We are hoping for a big turnout of garden, history and tea lovers. If the weather is pleasant there will be outdoor seating where you can enjoy viewing the daffodils.

Hollyhock Double Pink

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