Spring in our zone 7 landscape

Early daffodils, late March
Spring is later this year and plants are beginning to wake up from the long winter we had.

But, the daffodils reliably reward us by multiplying. This year there was a late freeze so a few hundred of the earliest buds were frozen and didn't have the opportunity to open.

Every spring I'm surprised to see old friends returning. Between the colder than normal winter following 2 years of drought one never knows!

Arum spring emergence

Goji berries are getting going
For example, the arum that came back (photo left) in the shade garden, blows my mind each and every year when it pokes its strange, pointy head out of the ground. Its leaves and flower are equally dramatic.

Blackberries leafing out

Cherry tree spring growth

Forsythia  blooming on the back fence

The fruit trees, brambles and strawberries are greening up, too. Flowers are popping out, and the herbs are returning with the spring sun.

Creeping Thyme peeking out of leaf cover
Bridal Veil Spirea about to burst into flower
Daffodils with Hyacinth

So far, it's promising!

At this time of year, every day surprises pull us outside to clean beds just to be out there and to see what else is waking up.


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