03 March 2014

Snow in March!

200 heads of garlic under snow
Crazy weather ... normally the snow peas would be a foot tall by March 3rd but this year only the snow is that deep along streets where the snow plows have piled up the white stuff.  Here's our garden today - 
Winter sown seeds in seed trays
It won't hurt the garlic to be under snow, it's just so unusual. The next photo is my trays of winter sown seeds. Both the Calendula and the White Russian Kale seeds had emerged before the cold and snow hit us, but were clinging to the soil surface. Hopefully they are short enough to survive.

The earliest daffodils began blooming during the recent warm spell, about 3 weeks ago. Their little heads are now dunked into snow.

Hundreds more flower buds are out there standing tall, awaiting Wednesday's warm up when the nights will continue to freeze but the daytime temperatures will keep things moving along toward spring.

I'm grieving a bit about not being able to get the spring vegetable garden seeds and plant starts into the ground, but have found plenty to keep me occupied while waiting my chance.

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Crys Stewart said...

Oklahoma is quite a bit farther south than my home in Southern Ontario but I think we share the same astonishment at this winter. My garden is under a heap of snow and ice with no chance of a melt for at least another 6 weeks. I'll just have to satisfy my gardening urges with a good pruning later this month.