Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder

What else can you say about a hummingbird feeder? Within 20-minutes of hanging it, they were there eating.

Perky-Pet hummingbird feeder does not come with a hangar so I just fed some kitchen string through the hole on the top. The model in the photo is a little over $20.

I did not purchase commercial food but found an easy method online.
In a pot combine 1 part sugar to 4 parts water (1 cups water + 4/2 cup sugar) and boil it for 2 minutes to get out the chlorine. Let it cool and fill.

The amount you see in the feeder is about the entire amount so it holds quite a bit. The tag on it says it holds 16 ounces.

The glass is thick and the plastic feeder stands are sturdy. It has what the company calls a built-in funnel that did make it foolproof to fill, though I used a plastic kitchen funnel to be sure I didn't pour it all over the place.

The company sent it to me to try out and review and I give it a thumbs up.


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