Ants vs swarming termites

It's time for termite swarms to seek out new places to make homes. If you see them in the house, or think you see them in the house, catch a few to look at closely, take to a local extension service or a local exterminator. They can look like flying ants. 
Flying ant vs swarming termite

Called swarmers, the winged kings and queens fly away from an underground nest during the day to find places to form new colonies.

The North Carolina extension service has a good explanation of what to look for and what to do.

Iowa State University extension explains how to select a termite control company here.

Evidently their wings break off and the king and queen dig a chamber into a woodwork crevice or some soft soil, then they crawl in, seal the opening and mate. They live underground or inside the woodwork laying eggs and raising their 500 per year offspring.

I aw a bunch of the swarmers last week so keep an eye out for them; spring is their time to come around to make new problems.


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