Garden Tour today - Tulsa Audubon Society

It was a warm and windy day for a garden tour in Tulsa. My volunteer work consisted of sitting chatting with a lovely woman, Diane Fell, chatting with garden visitors and shopping for native plants.
Diane Fell
Mary Ann King, owner of Pine Ridge Gardens was the vendor at the garden where I spent the day. She brought dozens and dozens of native plants from her Arkansas nursery for us to choose from.

Tulsa Audubon Society's annual tour is a great opportunity to visit gardens and learn from other people who love plants and nature in general.

It's hard to imagine a better way to spend a beautiful day or $5 than to traipse through gardens seeing what creative ways plants, hardscape and garden ornaments can be combined for the pleasure of everyone lucky enough to visit.

Mary Ann King
Here's a link to Pine Ridge Gardens catalog - Mary Ann is one of the most knowledgeable native plant growers in the area.


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