Dragon Arum blooming today!

Years ago when the end-of-season-sale-box from Brent and Becky's bulbs arrived, Dragon Arums made it into the box instead of the Arum Italicum I thought I bought.

Actually, what I must have wanted was these outrageous Dragon Arums. Of the original 6 bulbs, two are thriving but this one blooms reliably year after year and gives us a reason to go out to the shade bed every day, twice a day, to watch its progress.

Here's the column I wrote about Arums last year when we were enthralled with the flowering event-

These photos are this morning's views.


Jill Henderson said…
Your Dragon Arum is stunning! I have a green arum that has literally exploded in size! Had it not been for the previous owner, I would never have known how easy and beautiful these plants are to grow!
Molly Day said…
Thanks Jill -
It blows me away every year. I can't believe I can grow such a spectacular thing.
Thanks for dropping by the blog!
Lea said…
I've never seen anything like this before! Really fantastic!
Have a wonderful day!
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