Holistic Agriculture Library - articles, books and links available for the reading

The Holistic Agriculture Library link here lists dozens of references on topics such as soil health, fertility, crop quality, and William Albrecht's articles in Let's Live magazine.

Steve Solomon, founder of Territorial Seeds, who wrote my favorite veg gardening book of all time, Gardening When It Counts, set up the library at http://www.soilandhealth.org/index.html.

For some of the materials a one time $10 donation to the library is requested though you can still get the book free by submitting your email address.

Here's the email I received when requesting a link to the book I wanted to read, "9,600 Miles Through The U.S.A. in a Station Wagon".

Authorisation Sent!
An email containing a link to your requested item has already been sent to your email address.
There is a message for YOU below, from Soil and Health Library:

March, 2010

Dear Non-Contributing User,
From 1997 when the Soil And Health Library started until January, 2005, nearly all costs were paid by Steve Solomon. After seven plus years of financing the library he began to feel some resentment over this. About that same time he also realized that the library's content was not increasing as rapidly as it once had been. His negative emotions were burdening the library's progress.
So he requested Advice about this matter. And was given this answer: "ask those using your library to contribute a small amount; a once in a lifetime membership fee." So we are doing just that.
While processing your last copy request the membership database could not find your e-dress, and so you are getting this letter. But your copy request has not been denied. The Soil and Health Library is a free public library because there are many people who are so financially challenged that a ten euro donation is beyond them.
Your use of this library is being subsidized by the contributions of others. If you are able to contribute, and feel that the resources contained on this website are worth a small contribution, rest assured that your donation is greatly appreciated and that you are participating on the ongoing continuation and growth of the library as a worldwide resource for all.
This library now collects more in membership fees than its operating costs. This enables the library to source further out of print books and texts of value which will be added in due course.
Please join this library and help it grow even faster. To join now, click the little PayPal button below, where you may join through paypal or via a major credit card.. If you can not use either of these methods, please send funds in your local cash (though 10 euros is preferable) by post to:
Justin Crawford
Soil and Health Library
PO Box 1010
Mona Vale
NSW 2103
If you send cash, be sure to enclose your name, email address and postal details so I can acknowledge receipt and enter your details into the membership database.
I am here to serve you,
Justin Crawford

Then the email read
The URL for your copy of 9,600 Miles Through The U.S.A. in a Station Wagon is as follows:
A copy of the item you requested has been made especially for you. To obtain it click the link above.
This link will work for only one month from today and then your copy will be removed from our server.
According to Australian library rules you are not allowed to request a copy of the same book more than once.
Please note that this link is for personal use only and may not be distributed.

So, the materials are free for the asking and I'll donate the $10 for future use of the library.


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