2 liter bottle self-watering planters

With fall approaching, I'm looking at the garden with an eye to with an eye to which plants go into the shed for the winter. A simple self-watering container can be made out of 2-liter plastic bottles.

The Internet is full of methods and I'll post a few with links for the author's details. Which one would work best?

Exhibit A is from Instructibles dot com the author uses an old t-shirt for wicking material and paints the top half to protect roots from hot sunlight.

The Urban Organic Gardener posted his method on YouTube with video instructions. He used newsprint instead of fabric for wicking.

Astrosynergy dot com has clear step-by-step instructions with photos for every step.

It-diy.com also has a video that clearly shows how make a self-watering container. No wicking device. A small hole on the bottom to prevent overwatering and a straw inserted to water through with a funnel. Very cool ideas.

GreenRoofGrowers blogspot has a simple diagram (shown here) to provide the basics. Bob Hyland the Greenscaper provides details at his flikr site. Here's that link, too.

His updates to that post were written on Inside Urban Green dot com, here.

What do you think?


Hey, really very helpful post. I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing!

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