Lendonwood Gardens - Scenes and Garden Rooms

Lendonwood Gardens
Inside the grow house
Lendonwood Gardens
Koi Pond and Tea House
Lendonwood Gardens
Japanese Garden
Lendonwood Gardens
Angel of Hope

Lendonwood Gardens
American Backyard Garden


Capital Gardens said…
Lovely pics! Whereabouts is this? I've been to some absolutely beautiful Japanese gardens in the US recently, trying to find something similar in the UK
Molly Day said…
It is in the center of the U.S. in northeast Oklahoma.
Isn't it a wonder?

Did you get to visit the Japanese garden in Fort Worth Texas? It is wonderful. So is the one in St. Louis and of course San Francisco.

Would love to hear from you - which ones did you visit and which were the best?
Capital Gardens said…
Well, I've never been to Texas unfortunately, but it's on my list!

Hakone Gardens in California is my favourite even though it's quite small, I've been there three times now - I go every time I visit the States! I've been to the Japanese Tea Garden too once, that was beautiful.

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