April gardening tips

Skip West, Master Gardener for Cohlmias in Tulsa gave his monthly presentation of gardening tips.

Azaleas - prune 3 weeks after bloom, in mid-April. Never fertilize after Aug 1.

Try carpet and drift rose varieties as low-care ground cover.

When you buy annuals, do not fertilize for a month after planting. They come loaded with fertilizer already.

Cottonseed hulls are the best all around mulch. Pecan shells are the best for Azaleas.

Prune honeysuckle, forsythia and everything else that has already bloomed.

Divide perennials now if they are 5 years old. Remove the dead wood from crape myrtles. Plant periwinkles in mid-May - they are the best performer in full sun. Also in mid-May plant caladiums, lantanas, zinnias, okra and squash

Read plant labels but remember that full sun in Michigan is not full sun in Oklahoma.

Tent caterpillars, web worms and bag worms will become active soon. Pull them off the trees.

Skip West

In May, prune climbing roses 2 weeks after bloom is complete,
divide daylilies, prune creeping phlox, plant sweet potatoes, basil and elephant ears.

Use SledgeHammer on nut sedge.
If you pull it out like a weed, you are actually aiding its propagation.

When planting sweet potato vine, plant 3 black to 1 lime green since
the lime green tries to take over the pot.

Prune coleus and sweet potato vines as needed and
put the cuttings right into the ground where they will root.


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