Edible Garden Cookbook from Sunset

As much about growing, harvesting and preserving, the new "Sunset Edible Garden Cookbook: Fresh, healthy cooking from the garden", is a lovely addition to an almost empty category of books.

I have an old fresh produce book from Burpee and a couple of newer veggie books from Renees Garden Seeds, but not many books like this one have been published for U.S. gardeners.

Let's review what's in the book for one vegetable as an example of what they've included.

Peppers is a 10-page chapter. Opposite the full page color photo is Why Grow Them, When to Harvest, How to Keep, Basic Ways to Cook, Preserving the Harvest, Some of our favorite varieties.

After that page, you are on to recipes and more tips and photos. For peppers the recipes include Roasted green chile and tomatillo salsa, Fennel pepper slaw, Creen chili grits, two full page photos, Grilled chicken kebabs with romesco sauce and "Good for You" on the nutritional value of peppers.

Each chapter in this 300-page book covers one type of produce, from artichokes and garlic to radishes and tomatoes. Herbs and fruit are covered, also. Herb vinegars, herbal beverages, veggie-herb burgers, fruit pies, tarts and jams.

A delicious addition to the bookshelf of a gardener, beginner or experienced cook.
Oversized paperback. $30 list price and $20 at online vendors.


Capital Gardens said…
I'd like a book on 'edible flowers' - someone at work yesterday made pork burritos with paprika and rose petals. I'll admit I'd never have thought of putting rose petals into a burrito! I don't even know exactly which flowers are edible so would be nice to see some recipe ideas.
Molly Day said…
Here's a starting point for you = the list of edible flowers and how to grow them from NC State Univ


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