Seedlings and Transplants

Three week old Dianthus seedlings started outside in a cold frame. Cold hardy perennials do not need to be protected from cold during the seed starting process so don't waste the space you need for tender perennials, annuals, etc.

Borage seedlings - 10 days after seed planting

The roots of this seedling wrapped around the pot several times and have to be teased out before transplanting.

Seedling with broken stem goes into the compost pile - seedling stems are easy to break.

Broccoli seedlings were started in a clear plastic clam shell that originally held fresh strawberries. Then the seedlings are moved to individual cells or small pots where they can grow out until their roots fill the containter.

Broccoli seedling with ideal root distribution - ready for a larger pot.

The round leaf in the foreground is the seed leaf or cotyledon. The large leaves are  the true leaves.

2008 Lacinato Kale seeds started in a clear plastic fruit container, Jan 2012 and ready to move to larger containers.


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