ONPS - OK Native Plant Society

The newsletter of the Oklahoma Native Plant Society, http://www.oknativeplants.org, is called "Gaillardia" and the Winter 2011 issue has some tidbits of interest.

Feb 4th is the annual Indoor Outing at Oklahoma City University -
On site registration at 8:30 and the day ends at 3. Cost $5
Speakers include: Bruce Hoagland, Al Sutherland, Karen Hickman and Pat Folley.
Information: Joe Roberts at 405-820-6851

Pat Folley, author of  "The Guide to Oklahoma Wildflowers", wrote an entertaining piece for Gaillardia about an adventure she had with a few friends. They traveled to Box, Oklahoma in search of wildflowers and the road sign that says "Edge of the Earth" and found it all. Here's my review of Folley's book.

Sheila Strawn, Managing Editor of the OK Native Plant Record has been working on that project for 10-years. You can access that publication, plus links to info on Color OK, OK Biological Survey, OK Invasive Plant Council, and OK Academy of Science. The BioSurvey link has plants, animals, an eagle camera, everything for the nature lover.


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