In the garden shed Feb 2012

Last fall before the first freeze I dug up a few little plants to bloom in the garden shed. This one blooming Mignonette fills the entire shed with its romance era sweet perfume.

 Another plant dug up for winter bloom is this Calendula that would bring a smile to any gardener's face in the middle of a string of 25 to 45 degree days. Calendulas are the happiest flowers.

When we remade a front sidewalk flower bed the Purple Heart had to go to make room for new Boxwood shrubs. So they are in pots, under lights, in the shed awaiting spring weather and their new homes.

The Shrimp Plant thrives and blooms in the garden shed every winter and goes outside to show its stuff every summer. It will be pruned and re-potted in a couple of months to get it ready for spring.

The Rosemary was a 4-inch pot last spring and it did so well that it earned a spot by the window.

The marjoram hangs out in the corner of 2 windows where it scents the air, gets snipped for recipes, blooms and sets seed.

Then, this sweet succulent began to bloom.

Each fall cuttings of my favorite trailing petunia get stuck into little pots to grow. As they get settled and grow, their tips are snipped and put into more pots so there will be a dozen or more for the garden next summer.
This one bloomed before the cuttings were taken. What a treat for the winter months.
I don't know how I made it through the winter before the garden shed was constructed a few years ago.


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