Three Forks Harbor Trail - Muskogee Grand River

Last November  I wrote about the primitive trail at Three Forks Harbor in Muskogee that travels along the Grand River. This afternoon it was 65 and sunny so I set out to go farther up river than I have on previous walks. The trail has been cleared by Muskogee Running Club members and goes much farther than I have.

If you are interested in seeing a map of the McClellan Kerr area, I found one at the Wildlife Dept. site. Here's the link.

Along my two hour walk, I took a few snapshots to share. Enjoy.

The trail bed is soft under foot and two people wide.

Look carefully at this photo. On the right side of the trail there is a piece of orange tape.

There are several forks in the trail so keep an eye open for the orange tape as guidance about which way to walk.
One problem with the trail right now is that trucks and 4-wheelers still use it, making deep ruts. Walkers have to climb onto the bank and make their way among trees and brush.

But! Look at the views of the Grand River that are visible from many spots along the way.

 I saw a few birds today but since we have had so many freezes, most plants are dormant right now.
 Here's another challenging place that the trucks
have made but you'll turn left on the trail at this
point anyway.

Beavers are about to send this tree into the river.

One last shot. Hope to see you on the trail some day.

Can't wait to see it in the spring. The native plants and migrating birds will bring the area to life.


Molly Day said…
A small group of us will be walking the trail this Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to it already.

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