07 January 2012

2012 Garden Trends - Can you relate to these?

Experts make garden trend predictions and here's their list. Which ones can you relate to?

1. Urban-Knights.
 One author says Gen X and Y want to protect the earth by planting more edibles, cultivating ugly spaces wherever they find them, seeking new ways to recycle, reuse, repurpose and reclaim while saving water and energy. Look for more chickens in the back yard, neighborhood gardening and cooperative efforts.

 2. Eco-scaping instead of landscaping.
Nature moves indoors, sustainable gardening practices become the norm, tranquil and simplified gardens calm the outside. Think butterfly-scaping.

3. Occupy Local farming, growers, producers. With the federal, state and local push toward locally sourced food, look for homegrown as the byword for fruit and vegetable stands popping up.
4. Mindful Consumption and mindfulness in general is the healthiest way to move forward from me to we. Stop, think, consider, contemplate, breathe.

5. Water is the new oil, said Steve Solomon several years ago, and wise as Solomon he was/is. 2012 resolutions: Water-wise gardening, green roofs, rainwater capture, protecting the water supply, coping with drought and native low maintenance planting practices.

6. In Living Color includes the new color of the year, Tangerine Tango. Not so new, since lime green and orange have already returned all around us, but look for more in plant containers, garden furnishings and interior decor.

7. Inner Gardening is not quite as zen as mindfulness, perhaps, but does include oxygenating with houseplants, plus seeking out nature to surround all activities outdoors and in. How about a growing green wall?

8. Techno-Gardening with online garden magazines, motion activated sprinkler repellents, battery operated moisture meters, bird cams, Burpee Garden Coach, Veg Nag, iVeggie Garden app, and solar pods to extend the productive growing season.

 9. Seedlings grow from tiny seeds and new gardeners grow from teaching the next generation the wonder of growing from seed. We are committed to growing new gardeners through community gardens, classes and nonprofits.

This list of 2012 trends brought to you by Garden Media Group.

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