Seeds you can start now without a heated greenhouse

Our weather is going through a strange phase. We have not actually had any winter - no snow, no rain, a few freezing nights but then back to 55 or 70 within a day or two. It bodes poorly for the water table but it has been nice to be outside without a coat, pulling weeds and transplanting volunteers.

I've been starting a few seeds all winter in the slightly heated and lighted shed I/we use to contain my hobby but we do not have a greenhouse.

Jan/Feb is a good time to start many seeds if your fingers are itchy to get going.

In a cold frame or in winter sowing containers such as gallon milk jugs start these seeds, leave them outside and cold until mid-Feb. Then, bring them inside to plant and grow for the spring.

Fringed Gentian seeds - Prairie Moon Nursery

Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly Weed
Columbine, Aquilegia canadensis
Gentian cinita, Greater Fringed Gentian Gentian andrewsi, Bottle Gentian
Wild flowers

Poppy and Larkspur seeds germinate at 50 degrees so they can be planted directly into the beds now.

Most trees, including KY Coffee Tree, Lily of Valley Tree
  Magnolia Virginiana, Sweet Bay, & Sycamore are started
  outside in protected containers.

Houseplant seeds to start indoors Jan/Feb include Lily of the Nile, Asparagus fern, Calceolaria - pocketbook plant, and Smithiantha - Temple Bells.

Culinary plants: Start celery and chive seeds inside.

Perennials to start inside now include yarrow, hollyhock, alyssum, basket of gold, marguerite, rock cress, campanula, cornflower, globe thistle, fleabane, blanket flower, rose mallow, hosta, gloxinia, Maltese Cross, Nepeta, balloon flower, soapwort, lambs ears, and speedwell.

Dame's Rocket, Swallowtail Garden seeds
Ornamentals to start inside now include snapdragon, Dianthus/pinks, Dame's Rocket, petunia, lobelia, salvia, ageratum, chrysanthemum, coleus, impatiens, limonium, statice, stock, monkey flower, four o'clock, cupflower, and gloriosa daisy.

Wintersown is the go-to site for tips on sowing seeds during the winter months.  Don't waste any time getting started. You'll enjoy the process and most of the time the results will impress.


Anonymous said…
I start my pet TickleMe plant seeds indoors now. If you never grow a plant that moves and closes its leaves when Tickled...see this video
Amanda Planta said…
I love growing pet TickleMe Plants

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