"Yes, You Can! and Freeze and Dry It, Too" by Daniel Gasteiger

A thorough, new (and cool) book is out on the topic of preserving food. And, it's written by a guy. Here's a link to his blog http://www.smallkitchengarden.net/.

In our area, the home economists at the Extension Service tell me that every canning and preserving class they offer is filled weeks before it is held. And, there is a national trend (fad?) to grow and preserve our own foods.

This is the new book, "Yes You Can!" etc.
We can a hundred jars of jam, fruit, pie filling, pickles and tomatoes every summer. Do you can or freeze produce in the summer to use in the winter months? We give lots of it as gifts for birthdays, hostess gifts, holiday gifts, etc. But we use our canned food in meal planning, too.

But on to Gastieiger's book - He covers cold storage,canning, freezing, drying, and pickling plus jelly, syrup and candy. Cold storage is not for our zone or warmer ones but the other subjects are relevant.

Here's something to remember - you don't have to grow a half acre of vegetables and fruit to want to can and preserve. The fresh produce at the stands and farmer's markets are just as worth taking home and putting up.

Blanching in the microwave will save you from heating up the kitchen to prepare veggies for keeping and you'll learn how to blanch for dehydrating vs freezing or canning.

The step by step instructions have a photo for each step so you won't misstep.

Want to dehydrate herbs or make fruit leather for nutritious snacks - he has that covered.

Have a freezer big enough to preserve vegetables, fruit, whole pies? Covered step by step with photos.

Want to learn to can or branch out into canning more things? Covered in lots of detail.

Wondering how to peel tomatoes or ripen pears? Covered.

Love home made jams, jellies and candied fruit but have been afraid to try? Photos, step by step, cautions, recipes, how to freeze, can, use and reuse. Covered.

Hot pack, cold pack, high altitude issues. Covered.

Buy it for yourself or for someone you can get to preserve delicious, fresh foods for you.

Cool Springs Press, $19.95, January 24, 2011, 256 pages


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