Thrifty - is everyone feeling "Pinched"?

On Book TV the weekend is dedicated to interviews with authors. It's smart TV for the most part.

Author of "Pinched: How the Great Recession Has Narrowed Our Futures and What We Can Do About It", Don Peck, says our culture is forever changed by this recession.This is the author who coined words like Mansession and Funemployment.

Thrift, it seems, it fashionable again. Coupon clipping, vegetable growing, home ec returning to schools, staycations, hand made gifts, etc., are all indications of the trend to pay down, pay off, save and pinch.

Add the recession to the outrageous drought, heat and floods around the U.S., greenhouses and growers are reporting a down trend and seed companies are reporting a surge in sales.

On a personal note, I spent less on my garden this year than ever, other than the water bills, of course.  When I talk with local gardeners, they say are cutting back, cutting down, giving up on some things. Their formerly large gardens will be a few raised beds, fewer pots will be planted for the patio, hardy plants will replace more vulnerable ones. One woman told me she is simply removing perennial beds in favor of daffodils in the spring and a summer off.

What about you? Will you plant as much, more, the same?


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