Figs for our zone 7 gardens

This is our third attempt to be successful at growing figs in zone 7. The first two plants lived long enough to produce an abundant crop - once. Then, they each died.

Because our winters are cold, figs are actually multi-branching shrubs that die to the ground, instead of becoming trees as they do in warmer climates.

The fruit is so perishable that it's a good idea to grow a couple of plants if you want to eat them fresh.

Figs pollinate themselves so one of each variety that you want to eat will work.

Luckily this year even though the fruit was half the size they usually are, there were enough to can a few small jars for a friend.

The plants need full sun (minimum of 6 hours) and water to keep the leaves from yellowing.

Our shrub/trees are Brown Turkey and Black Jack.

Like all fruit trees, shrubs, plants, they are best pruned when dormant.


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