Grower’s Secret Grow Big 521

Fertilizing in the fall is such an important task for gardeners in most growing zones. Made in the U.S. Grower’s Secret is an ideal fall soil and plant helper.
Carolina Mantis Mantid - Stagmomantis carolina

The Hawaii-based company produces organics and microbial soil improvement products.

At this time of year, our garden
is host to a dozens of butterflies, skippers and other garden friends, so we don't use any chemical based products.

This Carolina Mantis would not hang around to control garden pests if the place smelled like chemicals!

Grower's Secret hose attachment
I experimented with the Grower's Secret Grow Big 521.
The bed that I'm foliar spraying doesn't look like much to us
but to the critters it is heaven - rue, asclepias, basil,
purple hyacinth vine, goldenrod, salvias and other plants that provide food and shelter for our flying friends.

The record-breaking heat and drought took a toll on our butterfly population this summer but they are almost always laying eggs or otherwise inhabiting one of our herb or flower beds.
After watering and foliar spraying several beds, we left for a 4 day vacation. Nothing was watered while we were gone.

When we went out to take a look at the beds there was a visible difference in them. The plants were greener, taller and healthier looking. Their faded, end-of-summer appearance had changed and they had grown.

I wish we had one of those time-lapse camera set-ups because I wonder if we could actually have watched the drooping plants stand up tall and brighten.

My experience is that the product worked quite well.

Used through the hose-end sprayer, none of the plants were burned by the concentrate. (It smells somewhat like fish emulsion.)

And, it is packaged in a recycled plastic bottle that is itself recyclable.

Their products are shipping-free mail order at this link. A 32-ounce bottle of concentrate is about $10.

Here's the Grower's Secret promotional information -
"Eleven years of research uncovered mushroom spores as the key to unlocking a plant’s ability to dramatically increase the acceptance of nutrients. 

Combining this discovery with an organic fertilizer yields a breakthrough product— Grower’s Secret™ Grow Big 521—now available at for every garden across the U.S.

Grow Big 521 combines Grower’s Secret Pro, a super-concentrated root and growth energizer, with an organic fish emulsion.  It is designed to make vegetables and plants of all kinds to grow faster and healthier.  It is the only lavender-scented fish emulsion product that is ready-to-spray on the lawn, in the garden or on house plants. 

 “The Grower’s Secret Pro formula is the result of eons of evolution between a fungus and a tree, which entices a plant to speed up its metabolism, open up cells at the cellular level and accept more nutrients and water,” said Wesley Chun, Chief Science Officer, Grower’s Secret™. 

“This results in increased plant growth by 30 percent, a reduced crop cycle by 25 percent and an increased shelf life of fruits and vegetables by at least 20 percent.”

Grow Big 521 also strengthens roots, wards off disease, braves extreme weather conditions, and regulates the synthesis of proteins and starches. 

Other important features of Grower’s Secret™ Grow Big 521 include:
 • Safe for pets, people and the environment; no pesticides
• Rich source of nitrogen, phosphorous,  potassium, trace minerals, macronutrients and micronutrients
• Spray on - no measuring or mixing required
• No additional fertilizer is needed
• Apply as a foliar spray or soil drench, while watering
• Lavender scent is pleasant and easy to use"


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