Whats Growing On Here

It was either 103 or 106 today, depending on the thermometer we consulted. This summer will break some records for temperatures and water usage. Here's some of what's growing on at our place.

It's blackberry time. We cleaned out the bed last year, removing all the sucker plants (100 of them!) so this year's harvest will be considerably smaller but still enough for us.

This smart box turtle comes to the front door every morning to chow down on the insects that were attracted to the porch light overnight. There is a turtle at the front door EVERY morning. Same one? Who knows?

Our garden isn't large enough to put in very many cabbage family plants but I try a few every year. The cabbage was a success. I bought 4 seedlings and got 4 heads - a much better return than the Brussels sprouts.

I grow a few eggplants every year, mostly to make eggplant caviar to can. Now that it's ready to put into jars we can eat the rest of the crop in other dishes.

We put in 200 cloves of garlic and the harvest was about 160 heads. We didn't mulch or water the bed this year, despite the unusual drought conditions so the harvest was good. Jon enjoys pulling and cleaning the crop.

The grapes are starting to get ripe. These are concord plants we bought from Andy Qualls at Qualls Fruit.

A mockingbird made this nest in the carport. Her babies keep her busy!


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