Cacti photos from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru

Via an email posted on Cacti (, Sherrah Adelaide, in Australia, mentioned that he uploaded his cacti photos to
and with his permission, I am passing along the link. Gorgeous photos. The notes below are from the site.

The photographs are accessed from the LOCATION INDEX hyperlink.


Then select state/province lists which are linked to place names which are linked to albums of the photographs. If you don’t know the state that your location is in, refer to the species list which lists country, state, location for each species. With this information you can navigate to the location.

The date order list is provided to give a guide as to what can be seen at a leisurely place if you are travelling by car. This and the species order list includes species and some locations for which photographs haven’t been included. The records are included for completeness and you can find other photographs of the same plants at nearby locations. These species list is not linked to the photograph albums at this stage as MS Excel doesn’t sort hypertext links. Use your web browser to search place or species names (IExplorer: Edit; Find on this page).

More detailed location information / GPS is not available, please don’t ask.

The resource link includes links to cactus, botanic and geograhic web sites, some hints, a selection of books with GPS / specific location data and a reputable guide.
I hope you enjoy the beauty of these plants in their natural environment.
Chris Sherrah Adelaide, Australia


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