Dill pickle day

It happens once a year. Jon makes his enormously popular dill pickles. The ritual includes a few trips to Conrad Farms in Bixby while we anticipate the perfect size cucumbers and the bucket of fresh dill.

On our third trip Sunday, the stars aligned. The cucumbers were the right size and the dill was fresh. Today was the perfect day for his pickle adventure - I was out for the day.

When I returned home, the pickles were canned and the leftover dill was a source of amusement.

It was reassuring to know that the dill had not been sprayed with pesticides - do you see the swallowtail butterfly caterpillar? It is now outside on the fennel we grow for swallowtails.
And, ta da, here is this year's pickle production. And, I didn't have to do a thing!


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