New hybrid Salvia Wendy's Wish contributes to Make a Wish Foundation

I rarely post the many new plant introductions
that come into my email but
I'm a total sucker for this new annual Salvia with hot pink flowers.

And this one is unique for another reason.
The SMGrowers site explains how special it is.

The plant appeared as spontaneous garden hybrid beneath a plant of Salvia mexicana Lolly in the Victoria, Australia garden of Salvia enthusiast Wendy Smith. It is Ms. Smith's wish that part of the proceeds from this plant go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation so the name Wendy's Wish is particularly fitting.

Proven Winners says Wendy's Wish
Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, is deer resistant, heat tolerant and low maintenance.

Its cold hardiness is to zone 9 (we're zone 7). Planthaven says its mature size is 40-inches by 40-inches but Proven Winners says 24-36 by 24-36. I'll be looking for it this spring.

For fellow plant geeks, it is a Salvia buchananii, from Mexico. Wikipedia says
"Seed from a garden plant in Mexico City was taken to England around 1960, where it was grown by Sir Charles Buchanan. It is sometimes called Buchanan's fuchsia sage."


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