An idea whose time has come

Sling Couture has created a comfortable face mask that is bound to be popular among gardeners. They have other products and I'll talk about them a little below.
The masks come in a wide range of colors for men and women. In the photo above I'm holding the women's mask so you can see how nicely designed the inside of it is. At the top, a metal band is sewn in between the layers of fabric to shape to your face. It feels soft and protective enough to use outside.

Notice on the right side that the two straps are sewn in right next to each other. The straps created a problem for me. They were too short and one of them snapped and broke the first time I put it on.

Here is the men's mask. Note that the two straps are over an inch apart, making it easier to put over and under your ears. It also has the same great fabric, with a metal band that easily bends to fit the nose. In addition, it has that grey foam nose protection piece. The straps are longer than the women's version.

So my advice is to get the men's mask for women and men. But definitely I love the fact that it feels secure on my face, isn't rough and it's large enough that I can breathe in it.
Here you can see how cute it is - and the broken strap. Yes those are rhinestone letters on my nose - SC for Sling Couture.

Now to their other clever products which I assume are well made. SC sells pretty fashion slings and cast covers - just in time for ski season, too. Plus, car headrest and console covers, eyeglasses and eyeglass sheaths/bags.

If I had my druthers, the products would be packaged in environmentally sustainable containers. The plastic boxes are made to hang for display but I wish they were the kind of plastic that goes into the recycling bin instead of the land fill.

When mowing season arrives, I'll wear a face mask now that I can get something more useful than the ones that have been available in the past. It takes a few hours on the riding mower to do our place and I know I should wear one.


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