Dream Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens published this new dream book through Wiley  last month.
I'm calling it a dream book because the gardens illustrated in this 288-page paper back are ones we mere gardeners can only dream of.

These are gorgeous homes, fabulous decks and patios, in woodland and city settings.

The  chapters include color, country and cottage gardens, shady areas, formally pruned looks, tropical settings, front and back yards, and Asian-themed.

Some plants are identified, features are defined so you can understand what you are looking at and there are plenty of tips on how to recreate the looks on your property.

You will be impressed by the variety of gardens presented. This is a book filled with inspiration.

Wiley lists "Better Homes & Gardens Dream Gardens Across America" at $19.95  and it is $12 at online booksellers.


I grew leeks for the first time this year after watching Jamie Oliver. I hope to have some this winter. I figure they are not OP.

All of OK is roasting this summer. It is horrible.~~Dee
Molly said…
I grow leeks every year - keep one in the ground (don't harvest one) and it will flower. Then, just shake the seeds on the beds where you want them to grow next year. They become "perennial".

Our water bill this month was $350 and we are letting some things go.

It is truly horrible.

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