Time to Re-pot?

When I slipped this stevia rebaundiana plant out of its pot to see if it could benefit from a larger container it looked like it was ready for a new home since the roots are visibly growing through the soil to the edge of the pot.

So, first I filled a slightly larger pot with fresh soil and poured warm water on it both to settle it and so the water would absorb into the perlite and peat moss. That takes a little soaking time.

(Using warm water helps the plant's roots adapt and reduces transplant shock in the cold months.)
Then I gently teased the roots out, so they could grow quickly into the fresh dirt. That done, I moved the plan out of direct sun for a week or so, while it was busy underground.

A green striped - variegated - spider plant had fallen onto the ground and was forgotten for a few months. By the time I wondered what happened to it and found it, the roots had sort of grown.....

It is a tropical plant that does very well outside in the summer but the top had frozen off before I located its broken pot on the ground by the patio table.

Generally a plant that enjoys being pot bound, this one was beyond pot bound.
 So, I teased out the roots - they looked like parsnips -
and moved the poor thing to a larger pot and gave it a good soak with Daniels Plant Food in the water. Hopefully, it will forgive the poor treatment and re-sprout some leaves.


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