Growings on in the shed

The Moon Carrot (Sesli gummiferum) seeds are up and boasting a single set of true leaves. It grows well in part sun/shade and isn't particular about soil type or water. It is a biennial so I just have to keep it alive long enough to enjoy its fabulous buttons in pink and white.

 These little tree-looking seedlings are Manfreda Agave Virginica or False Aloe or Rattlesnake Master
They have been emerging slowly, changing very little for days at a time. These perennials enjoy a fairly dry, part-sun location. We have a bunch of places it will like.
The Rattlesnake Master name comes from their use as a cure for snakebites. The leaves resemble tulip leaves and the scented flowers appear on a tall spike.

The Pacific Bulb Society has
a Manfreda page here
that shows other varieties plus
photos of the mature False Aloe.

And, the snapdragons are growing nicely. They'll need bigger pots in a month or so.


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