30 December 2010

Seed catalogs to browse while dreaming of spring

This year the catalog list includes several new seed sellers, many of which produce their own seeds in open pollinated fields.

Every year I buy seed to try, testing the germination rate, so I can recommend sources you may not have tried in the past. Most of the companies listed below charge under $5 shipping for small orders. Hopefully, this list includes some that are new to you.

Bountiful Gardens - heirloom seeds including Creasy Greens medicinal and culinary herbs. The Cold Comfort collection includes Echinacea, mint, yarrow, horehound, catnip, chamomile and hyssop, $11. www.bountifulgardens.org and 707-459-6410.

Chiltern Seeds, England - unique flower and vegetable varieties for U.S. gardeners, including Pumpkin Nuts, a peel-less pumpkin grown for its seeds which can be eaten without peeling. Request the vegetable catalog www.chilternseeds.co.uk and 44-1229-581137

Fedco has 4 divisions: Seeds, tubers, organics, trees and bulbs. Vegetables include Poona Kheera cucumbers and Scorzonera Spanish parsnips. Flowers include Dyer’s Broom and Japanese Indigo. www.fedcoseeds.com and 207-873-7333

Hometown Seeds of Orem UT - non-hybrid varieties plus Survival Seeds collections: 16 varieties $40 and 35 for $100. Seed combinations include Salsa Value Pack and Fruit Lovers Value Pack. www.hometownseeds.com and 888-433-3106

Johnny Select Seeds - flower, herb and vegetable seeds, organic and pelleted seeds, supplies, greenhouse equipment, tools, etc. www.johnnyseed.com and 800-792-0053

Kitazawa Seed - seeds for greens, beans, melons and Vietnamese herbs. Listings include Chrysanthemum greens, Ping-Tung Long Taiwan eggplant and Fluffy Top Kaisin Hakusai cabbage. www.kitazawaseed.com and 510-595-1188

Lost Creek Shitake Mushroom Farm - log and seed kits. http://shiitakemushroomlog.com and 800-792-0053

Pinetree Garden - vegetable seed company that offers 12 tobacco varieties. The Micro Green packets offer combinations of salad greens for $2 or $3. www.superseeds.com and 207-926-3400

Renee’s Garden - heirloom flower, herb and vegetable seeds. Collections include Fragrance Garden, Children’s Garden and Fabulous and Unusual Annuals. $14 www.reneesgarden.com and 888-880-7228

Sand Hill Preservation - rare seeds and poultry varieties that they call genetic treasures. Seeds include Naranjilla, Alabama Coschatta flint corn, Black African sorghum and Insuks Wang Kong beans. www.sandhillpreservation.com and 563-246-2299

Seeds from Italy - Italian as well as its own U.S. grown from NE, PA, CA GA and OK. Italian greens, beans, squash, peppers and tomatoes are well represented. Seeds are available in packets and in bulk. www.growitalian.com and 781-721-5904

Seed Savers Exchange is all organic, including tomatoes, garlic, and flowers. Collections include Heirloom Lettuce and Heritage Farm Favorites, $14. Seedlings are $3 each and shipments begin late March. www.seedsavers.org and 563-382-5990

Territorial Seeds - all seeds including open pollinated, pelleted, flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc. The Chef de Cuisine Spring Greens Collection includes 12 gourmet salad greens, bio film, Reemay, copper plant tags and a colander, $72. www.territorialseed.com and 800-626-0866

Thompson and Morgan - organic seed plus annuals and perennials. They also have a product called Easy Starts, a tray of seedlings that they grow from seed. 42 Echinacea seedlings $20 and 42 Delphinium seedlings $23. www.tmseeds.com and 800-274-7333


Jill Henderson, editor of Show Me Oz blog (http://showmeoz.wordpress.com), developed a regional seed and plant provider list. I have not grown seeds from any of these vendors.

CAHH Seed Bank, U of Central Arkansas, http://arkansasagro.wordpress.com/seed-bank/

Giant Watermelons, Hope AR, http://www.giantwatermelons.com/

Granny’s Heirloom Seeds, Bolivar, MO, www.grannysheirloomseeds.com/

Heirloom Acres Seeds, New Bloomfield MO, 573-491-3001 and www.heirloomacresseeds.com

Heirloom Seed Shop, Norfolk AR Food Bank, 870-499-7358 and www.foodbanknca.org/seed_blog

Hummert Seeds, St. Joseph MO, 800-383-0865 and www.hummertseed.com

Morgan County Seeds, Barnett MO, 573-378-2655 and www.morgancountyseeds.com/

One Garden – Ozark Seed Bank, Brixey MO, 417-679-1003 and www.one-garden.org

White Harvest Seed, Hartville, MO, 866-424-3185 and www.whiteharvestseed.com

There are hundreds of seed companies so this list is incomplete. What are your favorites?

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