Seedlings of Veronica Birds Eye and Wooly Silver Speedwell

In the garden shed, windows face east and south.
Plus there is a skylight that leaks when there is heavy rain

Trays of seedlings compete for sunlight

Lettuce under lights.

This plant has more names! Veronica Birds Eye, Veronica persica, Bird's Eye Speedwell, Groundwell, Persian Speedwell, and Large Field Speedwell. Historically it was a medicinal herb though I'm growing it as a native wildflower.

Wooly Silver Speedwell has silvery leaves and blue flowers - a beautiful combination.
Woolly Silver Speedwell seedlings
A day without dirt is just not complete.
It's too cold to dig outside so I get dirt under my nails inside.

Woolly Silver Speedwell in bloom 18 months later

How are you coping with winter?


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