Sunday Night Tidbits - Stories, Websites, etc. Plus: What's This Euphorbia?

The Texas Discovery Garden, Butterfly House and Insectarium in Dallas is dedicated to informing and educating children and adults on the natural world.
Check it out at

Have you seen the Science Tracer Bullets from the
Library of Congress Science Research Services? It's at

The American Society of Landscape Architects reports "George Hargreaves, FASLA, a leading U.S. landscape architect, is working with British landscape architecture firm LDA Design to create a $200 million, 2.5 square kilometer site for the 2012 Olympic games in London. One key goal of the project is to ensure the park will serve the community well once the games are over: Out of the 2.5 square kilometer site, one square kilometer will be transformed into permanent parkland."
Read all about it at this link.

Jim Conrad's Naturalist Newsletter from Hacienda Chichén beside the Maya ruin of Chichén Itzá in the central Yucatán, Mexico, is always loaded with photos and fascinating nature information from his part of the world. You can visit Jim’s backyard nature site at

This tree was given to us as a Euphorbia but I can't identify it. Can you help?


Anonymous said…
It looks to me like a "purple smoke bush" Cotinus Coggygria.
Molly said…
It's never bloomed like my smoke bushes do so I'm inclined to think it's something else.
But, maybe it hasn't had the right conditions to bloom.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Ian said…
It's Euphorbia caracasana.

Happy gardening!

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