Botanical Interests

My garden column this week is about getting the fall garden going. I contacted Michelle DePaepe at Botanical Interests and here are her wise words for your fall gardening consideration.

Most cool season veggies will do well as a fall crop. Late Summer is the best time to start crops that have a long crop time and like to mature in cooler weather like Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

Broccoli and Cauliflower make good fall crops, because their florets can get larger before bolting, and they'll have fewer pest issues at that time of year.

If you have a couple of months or so of cool weather in the fall, you could plant successive crops of lettuce and spinach.

Beets, Carrots, Peas, winter radishes like Daikon and Watermelon Mantang Hong.

Top of my list, though, would kale. It's very frost tolerant, so you may still be harvesting in November or even December in your zone. It's a nutritious must to go with all those delicious fall meals. The Italian Lacinato is expecially wonderful!

I agree that Lacinato is about the best kale to grow and I keep it going almost year 'round here. I knew we should start winter squash now but who knew we could still start watermelon? Well, of course she was not referring to the fruit, she meant their watermelon radish!

If I didn't already have so much going on I would order a pack of those cuties.


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