Share What You Have to Share

Most of us aren't wealthy. But we all have something we can share.

YVC, Youth Volunteer Corps of America is a national program designed to help children. The goals detailed on the website:
1. To engage young people in service projects that are challenging, rewarding and educational.
2. To serve the unmet needs of the community and its residents.
3. To promote among young people a greater understanding & appreciation for the diversity of their community.
4. To promote a lifetime ethic of service among young people.

So, we had two groups of YVC participants here - a dozen each day for two days.

What did we have to share with them? We all baked bread together.

They toured the yard - veggies, fruit, herbs, flowers, butterfly habitat. Here they are picking and eating blackberries.

When the bread was all baked they made sandwiches and had lunch.

Whatever you have going on - share it.


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