19 July 2010

Gardening in 100 Degres

Both the summer and fall gardens are on my mind when I have two minutes to rub together. Renee's Scarlet Flame Zinnia is coming up. I'm starting the seeds where they receive afternoon dappled shade from the nectarine tree.

I think they are out of stock for this year but here's what tempted me to try them -

Zinnia elegans - Radiant, ruby=red blossoms of densely double flowers with tiny golden starred crowns. Vigorous plants produce abundant flowers even in tough summer conditions.

And from Sand Hill Preservation, Gill's Pippin winter squash seeds are up. Here's the scoop on them from the catalog -

Gill's Golden Pippin: 95 days. (C. pepo) A vining, golden acorn from the old Gill Bros. Seed Co. Excellent growth and productivity. Flesh is unbelievably superb for an acorn type. I typically don't like acorn squash because they are too blah. Gill's has a sweet (almost nutty) flavor that makes you go, Yum!!! It was prominently featured in Gill Bros. 1960 catalog and justly deserves the honor that it received at that time. I do not understand why it ever dropped out of large scale, commercial production. Pkt. $2.75

And, on the advice of the Tomato Man's Daughter, the plants are covered to help prevent sun scald. That black krim on the end gets uncovered each time a storm blows in.

And, speaking of storms, we had another half-inch of rain two nights ago.

Add in the 100-degree heat of the day and you'll know why we are in by 10 or 10:30 every morning and go outside in the evening only to turn the water on and off.

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