December's 20 degree nights look like this

We must be breaking all kinds of records for cold weather this year. Zone 7 Decembers may have an inch of snow that melts the next day but rarely do we have night after night below freezing.

So, here's our back acre as of yesterday. The little fenced area is the rabbit proof veggie garden. The railroad tie raised bed holds 200 heads of garlic in the winter. They are up and green, protected by the raised bed and an occasional 50 degree sunny day.

Inside the shed, an oil filled heater with the dial on the star setting, keeps the temperature above freezing. Jon has florescent lighting on 12 hour timers that keep everything happy.

I couldn't find large seed starting mats but we now have a commercial sized heat mat thanks to Matthew Weatherbee.

This is where we hang out in January and February, planting seeds.


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