The Beauty of Winter

Twenty degrees.

Twenty last night.

Even the broccoli looks shocked. Believe it or not the Romaine lettuce is still standing proud.

Grasses look great.

This year I started ornamental cabbage and kale from seed. Even though I was busy with late summer harvest, canning, etc. the plants went in the ground and did very well. They are even gorgeous tucked among the other stuff that needs to be cleaned out.

These are photos from the Dallas Arboretum Trial Gardens taken 2 weeks ago.

Onamental Kale Pink Kamome

Ornamental Kale White Pigeon

Check out the U Wisconsin growers' link on these beauties.

Harris Seed has a collection available. 50 seeds each of Nagoya Red, Nagoya White, and Pigeon Pink for $5.90.

I'll be a volunteer cleaner-upper at the Snowflake Cafe, Carols and Crumpets, Tulsa Garden Center today. The craft fair runs from 8 to 3. I'll be downstairs from 11 to 2.


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